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  • Non- exclusive design

    Please note that all digital designs are created to be printed at 20cm x 20cm and are provided in png format.
    It is the buyers responsibility to specify the tile size to the printer or print service. 
    Fabric Mama UK will not be responsible for print errors.

    Purchase of this non-exclusive design gives you, the purchaser, the rights to print unlimited quantities of this design for the purpose of using the fabric to make to sell or for personal use. 

    Once purchased you will be sent a download link for instant download of your design file!
    You will receive a digital design file and NOT physical fabric. 

    This design may be sold to an unlimited number of buyers by Fabric Mama.

    Selling of fabric as a raw material printed with this design (for example by a fabric shop or online selling pages) is prohibited and the rights to do this are NOT available for this design. 

    Selling of this digital design and/or the elements within it is prohibited. 
    Through purchase of this design you agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or alter this design. 

    This design remains the properly of Fabric Mama and Fabric Mama reserves the right to withdraw usage at any given time. 

    You are welcome to take this design to the fabric printer or printing service of your choice and are in no way bound to use Fabric Mama’s print your own service.


    Day/night - NON Exclusive Digital Design File


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